Silence: Thieves Guild
Tue Jul 23 15:53:37 2002
To: all
Ok people now that I am back from my little hiatus (hit the beaches of the south continent for a bit)
I'm back to promoting The Theives guild
The concept is simple, guild members do not steal from guild members
You can mock, hunt, and kill other guild members as much as you want, but you agree to not steal
THis will provide you with the safety of not havign your valuables removed while working on removing someone elses
to apply you must
1 have practised the steal skill
2 be willing to follow the rules of the guild stated above
send an email (i think its some sort of pigeon messenger related to an emu) to
include your Character name in the email
once i have more than 5 names i will create a web page (i think its something a spider makes books out of) with all the names
thank you for your time
Silence, Inventory Relocation Expert of Dark