Cordir: A Scavenger Hunt
Sat Nov 16 12:14:58 2002
To: All in a questing mood

You have two hours to collect the following 20 items!

a battered shield
the corpse/bag/steak of a flounder
the corpse/bag/steak of a Giant Pudding
a small fang
a doeskin vest
a daisy chain
a guard's black uniform tunic
a small scythe
a spear
a handful of strawberries
a calling card
a box of popcorn
some bluish herbs
a key object of any name
any object with the word MOOSE in the name
any potion with the color white in it
a pair of fur armlets
some charcoal dust
Claws of the Ice Troll
the insense of enlightenment

Good luck! Bring items to me in the Room of Records for your points
to be tallied. Items can be turned in one at a time or all at once.
This is a solo competition, no teams allowed.

Contest ends at system time: Sat Nov 16 2:15 2002