Neodis: Revealing Hypocrisy
Sat Aug 17 02:39:24 2002
To: all
Do you know what hypocrisy is? Probably it is term often used in our
lives. When one man claims a standard that he holds others up to but
not himself, he is a hypocrite. For example, if you steal one mans
corpse and refuse to return it because you claim that your Lord
disallows such an act then you have set a standard for your
brothers. Well, I suppose your Lord has set the standard, but for
the purposes of this example lets say its your standard because you
are following it. This is all well and good.

What happens then when your brother cries outrage because his own
corpse has been stolen from him and he has been refused its return?
Is this not a direct violation of the very principles that have been
set down for you? If you have these high standards then you must
apply them to all peoples. If you have higher standards then must
you also not follow them yourself? Does your color give you the
right to live by lower standards?

I was once offended by this kind of action. Its all very amusing
now to watch people who claim to be good acting in ways that I
myself would not even act. All in the name of throwing down evil
and establishing good. When you fight fire with fire, you double the

Kind regards
Keep the FUN alive!