Solaron: Idea 184, Lins: Remove Sentry followings from the game.
Sat Jan 12 06:56:09 2002
To: all
Greets -
I believe Sentry followings, until the advent of the Dawnbringers, added a great
roleplay aspect to the game. The idea of a peaceful following who sacrificed many
of their aggressive abilities in return for protection from the Gods seemed a great
idea. And it still is. Yet, I agree with Lins. Something must be done - the Gods
themselves can not be fooled, I believe, so why let a wolf parade in sheep's clothing?
Newbies have been deceived and slain. Inexperienced 2xers returning have been deceived
and slain. Experienced players have been deceived and slain. All because the Dawnbringers
are playing outside the SPIRIT of their alignment and pk-model, if not the letter of
the law.
It is in this light that I agree with Lins. It is a hard agreement - I myself am
in a Sentry following. The only "true" Sentry following, I believe, as do many others
I speak with. However, the model IS being abused. Those people outside of our following
who have taken us under their wing (Mael, for example, and Lins) get the short end
of the stick when retaliating against the crimes the Dawnbringers commit.
So, in the end, yes. Either enforce roleplay of your alignment and pkmodel within
not just the LETTER of the law, but within the SPIRIT of the law and of the person
who created the pk-models, in the way that was envisioned. And I guarantee, the
Dawnbringers actions as a Lawful Good Sentry following becoming the mud toilet were
NOT envisioned... Or, remove Sentry followings, and the Chosen of Fate will STILL
play exactly as we have before - a peaceful following - whereas the Dawnbringers
will reveal their true selves.
Sorry for the rambling.
Solaron: Blade of Fate, Acolyte of the Triat.
Lins: Remove Sentry followings from the game.
Fri Jan 11 11:03:20 2002
To: all
With Torchbearer's following I think the Sentry idea behind a following is rather abuse than used.
The idea itself is cool, but it's a fact that it's being abused.
There are too many reasons to get a just (for instance a mob confuses you while grouped or in room...
... with a sentry follower, you attack and there.. just).
Then the whole following can seek retribution, and steal through AT amulets and burn bags.
Or etch your AC down to nothingness
Besides this, I also think that a sentry following member should not be able to steal without just.
They chose to be sentry then BE sentry... stealing is an attempt to .. war or something so it should not be allowed.
Remove it, so pk'ing gets more interesting too.