Neodis: Power and Dark Chocolate
Mon Apr 15 20:12:36 2002
To: all
Power is what every man wants. I don't care if you claim to have high morals
and perfect ethics, you want power. You merely have taken on the value's of
your lord in the hopes that he or she will grant you the power. You are lazy
and your blind stumbling in darkness shall get you a knife in the back.

Darkness is key. To accept and grow with your evil desires is to learn and
control them. When you control the darkness within, you have control of the
darkness without. What say you to me in my world noble knight, nothing,
because you can not see me. The light of your so called truth flashes so
brightly in your eye's it is blinding.

You are blind because you choose to be though. You fear the darkness within,
you deny it with concepts that you declare are good, noble and honourable.
You walk in a dark world, with dark people, yet you refuse to protect yourself,
you cover yourself in lies, closing your heart to the evil within.

Dark power will rule. Those who can face the darkness within and control the
dark power without shall overcome you and yours. When you come knocking on my
door to shout at me and declare me ugly, I shall cast you down with my power.
I am busy cooking up another pot of chocolate for my own Dark Mistress, I shall
not be bothered by your foolish stumbling. Neither shall you, for long.

Kind regards
Keep the darkness FUN!