Tynian: Team PK Contest: Saturday, October 5th
Sun Sep 29 17:22:33 2002
To: all
I am planning a double elimination team PK contest. Teams are limited
to a total of 110 effective levels. After two loses, a given team is
eliminated. This contest will start at approximately 10am mudtime on
Saturday, October 5th. Each team captain must post a note before noon
mudtime on THURSDAY, with the list of your team members and your team

The ground rules: You must stay in the designated area. If you leave
the designated area, you are counted as having died. As such, teleporting
your opponent(s) out of the designated area is not allowed.

Corpses will not be looted, sacrificed, or otherwise interfered with or
disposed of, except by the owner.

You are responsible for your own debt, justification, and PK
classification management.

You may bring whatever equipment you choose, but you will not be able to
replenish your supplies once the contest begins. Leaving the designated
area at any time while the contest is in progress disqualifies you.

Each round will last 5 minutes. The team that scores the most points
in a round wins that round. Killing someone on the other team yields a
point. Killing the team captain counts for 2 points. Once you are
killed, you are eliminated from the round. If your team has not been
eliminated, you may participate in the next round. Note that if an
entire team is wiped out, the other team wins, regardless of points.

This is a mortal contest. There shall be no help from anyone outside of
a given team once the contest starts. After the contest begins, a
mortal's god cannot cast spells upon that follower, nor may they
re-supply the mortal.

Can Good team members group with Evil team members for this contest? I
will not disqualify them, but you'll want to give some real thought as
to whether that's a good idea, as there will probably be consequences.