help pk classification

Individual characters are classified into PK classifications, based on
who they have attacked or killed RECENTLY. Thus, it is possible for someone
that has killed a large number of people in the past to be a pacifist a
few weeks later. There are 6 classifications:

Pacifist: Does not generally attack or kill others justly or unjustly,
although they may or may not fight back when initially attacked.

Reprisalist: Tends to take advantage of justifications from being
attacked or killed. Does not generally attack or kill unjustly.

Vigilante: Commits unjustified attacks or kills, but generally only against
vigilantes, thugs, fanatics, or sociopaths.

Thug: Unjustly attacks or kills anyone.

Fanatic (Good only): Unjustly attacks or kills evil pacifists or reprisalists.

Sociopath: Unjustly attacks or kills anyone. The difference between a
sociopath and a thug is volume.

These classifications can also potentially have an impact on PK debt and
other factors, as well.