Pez: The Official Retirement of Pez
Mon Jun 17 10:47:15 2002
To: all
Well, the day has finally come for me to officially hang up my sword.
I simply can't express how much of a pleasure it has been playing here on TFC.
From my early beginnings, through all the changes, and even now at the end of
my career, TFC has been like a second home to me and many of the other players
have been like family. I will always look fondly back at my time here.
I especially want to thank Tynian, Nayr, and Madman for putting up with
all my antics over the years, and for putting together such a fun and exciting
game. You all deserve more praise than I could ever hand out alone.

I want to thank Coleman, Khore, and Tokugawa for having allowed me in their
I want to thank the D.C. crew. You all know who you are.
I want to thank Cordir for helping me with my Pez Quests.
I am not going to individually thank any other players because the list would
run way too long. I made a ton of friends along the way, a few enemies,
and I appreciate you all.
Thanks for making PezQuest and PezTrivia such successful events.
Those games were my only true accomplishments here at TFC and I owe
a great deal to everyone for making them happen.

Now, for my characters list. I debated a long time about this. However,
in the end I realized I was always curious to know who played who and
believe others are too. So here is the short list:
Pez: My first and most influential TFC character. Highly egotistical,
unpredictable, and generous. Believes (with good reason) himself
to be the most famous and well known TFC character of all time,
primarily because of his PezQuests.

Ford Prefect: Another oddball character taken from the Hitchhiker's
Guide to the Galaxy books by Douglas Adams. Created as a level sitting
pker he briefly enjoyed some success before falling to a single classed
cleric with a high level rift relic. Completely unrenown character.

Babs Barella: My only female character. A rare thing, she was a
single classed human ranger. Completely useless in a fight. Only
real accomplishment was the speed by which she reached level 30: under
180 hours of gameplay. She died a horrible death detailed by Pez
in the story "The Untimely Demise of Babs Barella".

Wish, Black Knight of the Black Conclave: Alias "Wish the Cuttlefish".
My last major character and, in so far as leveling is concerned,
my most accomplished. A 30/30 mage/warrior, his primay motto
was "I never fight alone, unless the opportunity is too great to pass up."
This motto was often criticized and Wish called a coward. He
never really cared because it always served him well.

Well, folks, that's it. My time is up, I'm moving on. I hope the best for TFC
in the future. I absolutely, positively will NOT be logging on again, so
please ignore any imposters who ask for you gold for the next PezQuest.
PezQuests are ending with me.