Thunderoad: The Passage of Time, and where is has brought me
Sat Feb 9 10:43:49 2002
To: all
Every adventurer, at some point in his/her live, is released from the
protection of the gods, and enters the savage world of the hunters. In my
case, more than likely, its the world of the hunted, for my experience is
vastly inferior, even to those below me in age. But even still, I have some
hope of survival. Besides the Goblins, and the ogres, the enemies, I have
made are few, or non-exsistant, at least, to the best of knowledge. One never
knows, who might be lurking in the shadows. Such is life. Such is death.
And, there is Cordir. The one who has given me hope through all my troubles
thus far. It seems a far off dream to be able to enter that circle. But, I
am not prevented, at least, from admiring the fellowship from a distance, &
serving the needs of Cordir, and her followers, whenever I can. Speaking of
friends, and allies, I must mention a few names now,...Natilena, & Myronides,
first,...were able to provide me with some magic for my journey back to the
gorge. Purely, out of the kindess of their hearts. I thank them now in print
as I had in person. You are both worthy of praise and honor. Now, there was
another man, a Jack of all trades you might say, but a ranger, is what I'll
call him here, to keep everything as simple as possible, and not to bore the
reader, with needless detail. I was standing, in the recall room, at the
adventures guild (this time for convinence, and not cowardice!) when I became
aware of a sensation in my eyes. It was spellcraft, no doubt. Then after the
magic had taken effect,...the ranger clearly stood out,...I saluted and gave
an welcome greeting, introducing myself. "Hail ranger,..." I said, for
a ranger is what he best looked like to me,..."I am Thunderoad,...some title
me the Calamitious,...but I don't hold with that all the time,..." (This was
really my standard greeting,...I found that it proved quite charming on most
occaisions, because it qualifies me as both humble, and dignified. At any
rate, when your life may be on the line, its a good ice breaker,...though I
certainly don't recommend it for goblins.) He chuckled a bit, and replied,...
"I am Belsambar,...." and tore off, not a few titles,..."Well met,
Thunderoad." We sat down, and broke bread, and shared a few stories. I was
flattered, when he said he'd read my tales, and enjoyed them. Though his many
titles escaped me, Belsambar, countenance and bearing did not. He was a tall
man, with a nimble build, no doubt he was a skilled thief as well. Or at
least had studied the trade. His words, were short, but honest and true,...&
proofs of wisdom were to be seen in the scars he bore from his battles and
travels. In the end, I was sad to part, and wished we had something stronger
& more fortifying than bread & water to share. "A good pipe, and some brandy
would lighten our spirits a great deal, Belsambar." I said "How I wish we had
some at our disposal." "Quite unnecessary, Thunder,...we're better off
without such danties, as I've found, they go straight to ones head, and ones
gut." He rubbed his belly for emphasis. "Indeed,..." I replied,..."I'll keep
that on the mind." We waved and parted,...certainly our paths would cross
again, long as the guild stood,...the crossroads of the realms,...