Thunderoad: Over the Northern Continent
Sun Jan 27 00:27:09 2002
To: all
I blush to tell anymore of my stories, as They've been mocked by greater, and
more experienced more than I,...However, I will continue, as the reader will
be the final judge, as to what is worthy of his/her time, and what isn't.
I travled to Og, the disgusting ogre habitat, and had some success in the
adventure. The village militia were no match for my skill at arms, and I
quickly subdued the local guards and citizenry. After a few days most of the
monsters had had enough of my exuberant demands, and a local shaman, and
village elder lead a mob into my headquarters. I barely escaped out the back
before they brought the house down! I was miserable for days, sneaking around
a loathsome bog, trying to stay out of sight,...and then I remembered, My
potions from the Midgaard mage,...I closed my eyes and quaffed the red potion
and when they opened again, I gazed upon the familiar halls of the adventurer
guild,...Wylin the Dwarf suggested it would probably be best not to return to
Og for a while,..and told of the grand mountains, to the North and East,...I
needed no more convincing, and immediatly re-equiped and set out,...The
mountain range of the north is strikingly beautiful,..and dangerous, as well
As I was to find, after exploring some of the tunnels in its bowels,...I came
across a mad mage, in a golden cave, and just managed another crafty escape.
I suppose the early careers of adventurers are mostly daring escapes,...and I
will pay my dues like all the others, that have gone before me,...Thunderoad.