Neodis: Think before you worship
Wed Jun 12 06:11:14 2002
To: all

I have just been going over the ideas, something I have not done in a long
time. I could not help but notice that a few people have been offering ideas
that assist them in maintaining a more "friendly" status where their pking
activities are concerned.

People, if you don't want to be a thug, then don't kill others. If you don't
think that you deserve the debt then why did you attack that person? He's
your followings enemy? Great, then wipe him out, what makes you think that
doesn't count towards your status though? You are killing, thus you are a
killer. I am talking therefore I am a talker. Some say far too much.

Anyhow, my point is you choose how you run your life, if you choose to
follow a path that leads you to murder and mayhem, then don't be surprised
when your reputation catches up with you and you are tagged as a murderer.

Kind regards
A proud, evil pacifist having FUN!