Neodis: Alignments - What they are, how they work
Sun Aug 25 05:40:11 2002
To: all
Here is a topic that has caused a lot of controversy over the years.
Many times we have heard the accusations that someone is not acting
out their alignment and at other times we hear that its not
apparently a deciding factor in ones behavior. In the end we have a
big mess and no conclusions. The other day Keller found me, along
with Pol and a few others we got into a proper discussion about the
properties of good and evil and we came to a conclusion that was not
just a compromise but agreeable to everyones sensibilities.

First we have to approach the issue from several angles, we need to
get the whole picture here by examining the details. How do we judge
someone? It was determined that a persons intent is what they need
to be judged by. The intention of the person it determined by his
natural and desires. The Intention will determine the actions that
the person will want to occur. This means that we avoid judging
actions that happened by mistake. A person is not evil if they make
a mistake and mistakes are part of being mortal. Thus, as you can
not accidentally have the wrong intentions, this is what you need to
be judged by.

Please understand that this was determined with the full knowledge
that you can not always know a man's intentions. Thats not the
point here. We are not actually making any judgments right now we
are simply setting the basis under ideal circumstances. This means
that the system can at best only be applied to the self with any
certainty of accuracy but we can build from this basis if it becomes

Now that we have the basis for what needs judgment you might realize
that one intention is only part of a man. Each of us has many
intentions through our entire lives. If we didnt then we would not
do anything. Hence it is conceivable that one person can do both
good and evil. This is true. Each action is judged and determined as
either good or evil. We all do it, its part of being mortal. Now
determining if someone is good or evil is a matter of weighing his
good and evil intentions against each other.

What makes an intention good or evil you might ask? Well this is
also a controversial issue. No one can give you proof of a universal
standard so we have to go with a mortal one. In our Realm we are
also given an Immortal one but Ill go into that later. As we grow
and learn, we take in from our surroundings information. We are
taught what society thinks of as good and evil and we learn a set of
values that is shared by the common mass. From this we can make our
own educated guesses as to whether our intentions are good or evil.

There is a universal standard. The concept of good and evil is a
fundamental of conscience. That is we create the ideals ourselves
and thus they exist. The ideals are polar in nature, we have evil
and good as opposites. Even if you believe in a scale, that is
something can be more or less good then something else, we have the
extreme at each end. That is we have total good and total evil. As
each one of us commits both good and evil we have no concept of
total good and total evil. This is where most of our problems are,
none of us can prove it because none of us have experienced it.

To summarize, your alignment is based upon your intentions which are
judged via the common understanding of good and evil in your
society. As your intentions are not always clear, it is sometimes
impossible to determine if they are good or evil. Thus you are
judged upon the majority of your actions as it is reasonable to
suggest that most of your intentions become clear in most of your
actions and that you would seek to make as few mistakes as possible.

Something has just occurred to me. I have declared that all
intentions are either good or evil. Some may try to suggest that not
all actions can be thusly judged. Thats the thing though, you are
right, not all actions can be judged, however, we are talking about
intentions only. All intentions have either good or evil motives,
they might not be obvious and there maybe times when you are hard
pressed to determine the motive behind your own intentions but its
there. All Intentions are either good or evil.

Lastly, I know this is long but we are finally at the end. In this
realm of ours we are given a clear and concise way of determining
someones alignment. Lord Tynian has declared that the act of
worship is also an act that determines your alignment. Thus your
intention to worship an evil God is an evil intention, your
intention to worship a good God is likewise a good intent and of
course to worship a neutral God is to have a neutral intent.

Understand that this has been considered in light of what has
happened within the realm, we have taken from us what we could and
our new understanding comes from a cooperated effort between good
and evil. Our understanding is your understanding.

Kind regards
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