who Myronides
Elf [     Ambassador    ] Myronides Starym: Dreams of God-Like SuperElves

Talyn gossips (in common), 'CHEER MYRONIDES!!!'.

Wylin gossips (in common), '*bow*'.

Clue gossips (in old-common), 'WooHoo, Myron!!!'.

Otak gossips (in common), 'HAIL!!!'.

Grale gossips (in common), 'Wow! COngratulation Myronides!!!!!!'.

Bytorr gossips (in common), 'gratz elfboy'.

Grale gossips (in common), '*BOW*'.

Maxcivio gossips (in common), 'Cheer'.

Triston gossips (in common), 'grats myronides!'.

Lataal gossips (in common), 'GO MYRONIDES!!!!'.

Maxcivio gossips (in common), 'You can do it'.

Wistom gossips (in common), 'CHEER MYRO'.

Lexie gossips (in common), 'Wow!! Gratzzzz Myronides!'.

Myronides gossips, 'Elven Power!'.

22 players.
Hum [ Th:20 Wa:30 Ma:30 ] Gabriel, Wizard of the Black Conclave.
Elf [ Wa:26 Th:20 Ma:25 ] Lictilon, Sorcerer of the Black Conclave
Hum [    Ra:16 Sh:24    ] Jaerith Ilythiiri, Malla Noamuth d'lil Veldrin
Elf [     Ambassador    ] Myronides Starym: Dreams of God-Like SuperElves
Hel [    Ma:21 Ra:20    ] Grale the Ragged, Teacher of Wisdom *AFA*
Hum [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ] Clue RigelsWife: FATEd Weaver Priestess. [Cordir]
Elf [    Ra: 8 Ma:15    ] Maxcivio.
Hel [ Ma:21 Th:15 Wa:20 ] Galithandril lirdnahtilaG *darkness*
Hum [ Sh:28 Wa:19 Th:15 ] Kail, Shaman of the Black Conclave.
Elf [ Th:20 Wa:30 Cl:30 ] Anduin, Lunar Knight of Wisdom
Hel [ Ra:23 Ma:25 Th:23 ] Korran Stonebow, The Tiger's Shadow... *Aphrael*
Gno [       Cl: 9       ] Otak Shmotak Lin.
Dwa [ Wa:30 Th:30 Cl:30 ] Mordith, Malevolent Cardinal of the Black Conclave
Dwa [    Wa:16 Cl:18    ] Lorax Attempting to learn wisdom  AFA
Hum [       Cl:10       ] Lataal.
Hum [       Cl: 3       ] Bytorr the Boy
Hum [       Th: 8       ] Malek the Boy
Elf [       Cl:30       ] Talyn Napei, Crusader of the Tigers *Aslan*
Hel [ Wa:30 Th:23 Ma:30 ] Shazam, Nefarious Ninja of the Black Conclave
Hum [       Ra: 7       ] Aentrey.
Hum [ Wa:29 Th:28 Ma:27 ] Triston a man without his goddess :(
Dwa [    Cl:25 Wa:21    ] Wylin Authorized Wisdom Dealer! *Get Some* CoE AFA

It is 3pm on Marisae the 12th, the month of the Dawning,
in the year 2518.

TFC started up at Sat Feb 16 06:17:37 2002
The system time is Thu Feb 21 21:29:44 2002