Tamar: Moving Quest Rules (Quest starts now)
Sun Jun 9 12:07:04 2002
To: All
Collect as many of my things as you can before the quest ends on
Sunday, June 16th at noon mudtime. How will you know which things
to collect, you ask? Well, I gave the master packing list to the
leader of the kobold movers, and he disbursed it among his minions.
Kill the kobold movers and reconstruct the list.

The only restrictions on retrieving my things are that you cannot
have help from an immortal (i.e. items cannot be godgifted)
because then, of course, I will know that they aren't my things.

Please have one member from your team (preferably the leader)
see me as soon as possible. Also, each team may turn in items to
me at TWO times of their choosing during the quest (assuming I am
online at the desired time). The latest possible time to turn in
items is Sunday, June 16th at noon mudtime. (Type "time" if you need
to know when mudtime is compared to yours.)

You must be registered to be eligible for a reward, so if you want
to register and have not already, post me a note or email me at

Good luck, and remember: never use kobolds if you need a mover.

Tamar, Goddess of Serenity,
Mistress of her own Dreams