Tamar: Moving Quest
Fri Jun 7 10:26:02 2002
To: All
Prior to the move to TFC's new home, I hired a team of kobolds to pack
up my things and move them to my new office. However, apparently I
picked the wrong team of kobolds, because they did a terrible job and
now my things are scattered all over the realm. (And *blush*, I am
forced to confess: I am a packrat.) But at least the kobolds left a
few clues. If you would like to help me recover my things, register
by emailing me at tamartfc@lycos.com, or by posting a note to Tamar.
You must include a list of your team member(s) and the team leader.

The quest itself starts this Sunday at noon mudtime, and will last one
week exactly (until June 16th at noon mudtime). Once you are registered,
you may start the quest anytime during the one week period, but the
sooner you start, the more time you have to look for items. This may
be done in teams or as an individual. Team members combined levels must
not exceed 100. Oh, prizes? Yes, there will be prizes.

Tamar, Goddess of Serenity,
Mistress of her own Dreams