Morphius: Retired
Wed Jul 3 17:29:01 2002
To: all
Goodbye all it has been fun
Through the worst and the best myself as a player has devoted a lot of time to this game
The secrets are....
Yes... here they are.
Cl.26 Wa.22 Titan, Scorpion Knight of the Phalanx of Blood
Th.13 Ra.11 Ma.15 Wardon Strouse, Student of Wisdom,
Cl.9 Ra.8 Kabal Nictant, Butcher of the Elves.
Cl.14 Andramalius, the good man of Tiger.
Wa.13 Sh.6 Frostey, the lovable snowman of Tiger.
Th.1 Ra.9 Sh.10 Tian. Leader of the Choosen
and finally............
Wa.21 Armicron, Executioner of the Phalanx of Blood.
Thanks for all the good times, and God's of TFC i know i have been a pain hehe
But thank you for giving me the privaledge for playing The Final Challenge.

-=Morphius Kelir, Holy Warlock of the Prestiged=-

P.S. Thank you Kerriariadne and the rest of Dark for the great times.