Mordith: To the Follower of Fate, please read.
Sat Feb 16 11:39:03 2002
To: All the followers of Fate
Long ago, possibly before most of your time here, I was slain by a mob.
Being in a very difficult zone, I was not able to recover the corpse, nor where
there any conclave on at the time of my demise. There was one mage however
that was capable of recovery my corpse, and did so successfully.

And so it began, that was not the last corpse that trakker had recovered for me.
I was very much indebted to him as a player, and friend. Which brings us to the
purpose behind this posting.

I made an pact with Trakker, Cordir, and the Lich himself that I would give the
chosen of fate a right of passage if you will. Immunity from my attacks.
It was the least I could do in return for Trakker's services.
Much time went by, I assisted the chosen where I could, and they new that they
could count on me, until recently. The chosen of fate was disbanded. Some
fled to hide under a new following, grateful to be rid of the neutral bonds.
And the rest, stood waiting, loyal to their misstress, confident that she would return.

During this time I took advantage of their UA status, hunting them whenever and
wherever I could, and rightfully doing so, they were in fact unaligned.
After Cordir was reinstated the attacks continued. I realize now that I was
merely playing off a technicallity. I recognize Cordir's following as the Fate
of old, the same fate that I, long ago, made my pact with. During the time of
my attacks on Fate, none were killed that I can remember, and so I do not believe
there is very much harm done.

Some of the Chosen of Fate will call me a lier, and dishonorable, even after
this posting. I have nobody to blame for that except myself. If I am on, and
not occupied (which will probable be very often soon, after I hit the coveted
lev50) send me a tell if you happen to need assistance. If you need help dealing
with covens or dawnbringers send me a tell so that I may escort them to the guild.
And if you need a CR, do not hesitate to ask, if I am able, I will recover it
and return it to the victim or another member of fate.

I put the honor of the Lich's Black Conclave on the line, and ask to be punished
if I violate these acts.

Mordith the Sanctified, Malevolent Cardinal of the Black Conclave