Khore: Missing Golem Bits
Thu May 16 12:18:45 2002
To: All
If you want me to fill up your golem with parts that you may be missing
send me an email to stating your wish.
A few things to keep in mind:
Free parts are:
1. Non-elemental. They have no element.
2. Are random, but capped at strong magic (never powerful, extreme, or strange.)
3. Have no power points for purchasing powers.
4. May be bought used from a second-hand golem parts store and show signs of wear.
5. Can and will have appropriate level/hp bonuses.
6. Gnaw marks from the neighborhood dog will not be fixed.
7. Are one-shot, one-time, permanent additions to your golem.

Khore: Golem Powers
Thu May 16 14:52:30 2002
To: all
You can purchase more than one special, and even stack specials.
But you can only have one weapon or talisman.