DarkClaw: Love Told, Love True
Thu Jan 3 18:16:44 2002
To: all
I never thought I would find you.
I prayed for you for so long.
I never felt I had a chance
For love to be so strong.

I searched for you for eons past.
I loved you in my sleep.
I dreamt of you each night and day,
And now, you are mine to keep.

Your arms, they give me all that I need
And help me to be strong.
Your eyes, they own my very soul.
I know this is where I belong.

Your lips I feed from with every kiss.
Your hands, they soothe my pain.
Your voice, a whisper caressing my heart,
Like the song of a gentle rain.

As the Gods bear witness to these words,
I vow that I will always be true.
As Fate guides my every step,
Each one will be taken with you.