DeViant: Lag Complaints
Fri Jun 14 08:50:33 2002
To: all
Recently, many people have been complaining about the amount
of lag present on the MUD. To say it's irritating to hear people
complain like that is an understatement. Tynian took hours, even
days to take this MUD from one site to another. He could have just
shown us all the door, packed up his code, and gone home and let us
go on with our lives. But instead, he took his own personal time to
switch it over, and it was not without frustrations along the way as
you all may recall from his update notes during the transfer. It
frustrates me and a great deal of others when after such a great gift
was given to us all, the recipients are so upset with such a minor
problem. I for one will not be complaining about the lag, and I
sincerely hope the rest of the masses can change their minds as well.
Tynian has said he is searching for a solution, so let's please put
the lag complaints to rest.

DeViant, Agent of the Black Conclave of Nashite