Pez: Kick Skill Modifications
Fri Jan 18 09:58:10 2002
To: all
How about making modifcations to the kick spell to make the output
a little more interesting? Now when I kick it says "Your kick MUTILATES Lins."
and thats it. How about making this do more, similar as to the way mobs
like Marilyn in Harpers fight. Here are some examples:
"Your kick slams into Lin's Groin."
"The heel of your foot rips into Lins's backside."
"You leap and kick Lins in his huge bulbous nose, breaking it in several pieces."
"Your kick blasts Lins in the shin, scraping off 10 layers of skin from his bony leg."

Anyways, you get the idea.


P.S. This idea in no way reflects my true feelings for Lins,
who, as everyone knows, is as adorable as a bologna and mayonnaise sandwich
left out on the kitchen counter for a week in mid summer in a house with
no air conditioning.