Cordir: Khore's Challenge
Fri Mar 22 02:29:26 2002
To: All

Tonight, Khore challenged the mud to provide him with a
reason to run a quest.

Khore gossips, 'If any of you want a quest soon.'.
Khore gossips, 'Send Cordir an email with the top 10 reasons
why you probably don't want to win a quest run by Khore.'.
( Example : 10 - First prize is a date with Lestat )

The alternate topic of "Top 10 Reasons 'Why you probably don't
want Khore to run a quest'" is also acceptable.
( Example: 10 - He'd suck us all dry and leave the corpses to rot )

Once 30 entries by seperate individuals are recieved, Khore
will run a quest. Entries should be sent to

( Quite obviously, the examples cited above cannot be used.)

In service to His Dark Lordship, Khore, Vampire God of the Undead,
Cordir, personal assistant

Post Script: In addition, the "Top Ten" list Khore likes
best will be rewarded with a prize. All the responses will
be posted on a website for viewing.