Keller: To the good people of Borea, I give good word and the following:
Mon Jul 8 15:33:09 2002
To: all
I feel we stand on the cusp of possibility, here. A great devide rolls
before us. One side of the devide leads to the rule of might, the quiet
knife in the dark, and the status quo. There are those who welcome this
path. It's easier. The power gained is tangible, if emphemeral. However,
it's the cowards path, the braggarts path, remembered not for who you
are, but the clothes you wear. Its fame is fleeting -- there is always
a better destroyer. Always.

The other path is not as simple. Its rewards cannot be gauged through a
simple expedient like physical power. Instead its rewards are more insiduous,
the fame longer lasting. The rewards for creating something cannot be taken
away. We stand on the shoulders of giants, as someday others will stand upon
ours. No matter what happens if you are creating something, instilling
order where chaos rules, law where might is the only understanding, you
may rest assured that your legacy is not measured in the base coin of
mercurial power games, but rather in the true gold of nobility.

There are those who will mock these words, either because of who I am or
because of how I say them. That is fine. They've made their choice. They
choose the easier path, the simpler route, the tried and true path to power.
They are not who I am speaking to today, for I have as little use for them
as they do for me. Instead, I'm speaking to those of you who feel, as I
do, that the status quo cannot stand. that this should be a society of law,
rather than a society of might. That we need something other than chasing
after more and greater magical items to give our lives meaning.

M'lord Tel, in His wisdom, has shown me a vision of what the world can be.
All I ask of you, the people of Borea, is to help me in achieving this. Not
for my sake, or for your own, but for the sake of those who'll come after, so
that they can know the joys of peace that have so long been denied us. I am
holding my hand out to you. It will not be an easy road. There will be
rules and requirements, expectations and a lack of expedients. But there
will also be rewards.

Written on this, Marisae the 2nd, the Month of the Deities' Wrath, in the
Temple of the Implementors in Midgaard, by my hand. I remain, as always,
Keller Amberlin D'Augustine, by the Grace of Tel Duke and Regent of Borea.
Grug: Re: Keller
Mon Jul 8 19:01:31 2002
To: all
Hey Keller, let me just get this straight. In those 6
paragraphs your just trying to say, Join Tel?

Grug'imus Maximus d'lil Veldrin.
Keller: To Grug, I offer the following:
Mon Jul 8 22:30:36 2002
To: all
Actually, to answer your question, Grug, no, I don't expect
anyone to worship Tel who does not feel they could honestly do
so. However, what I am offering instead is the suggestion
that the world needs a change. That things have become too
centered on bloodshed and violence. That the overarching paradigm
of the day is rule through might, rather than rule by law, and
that this needs to change. Considering who you follow, and the
tendency of that faith to revel in bloodshed, I don't expect you
to understand that. So I will attempt to make it clear.

1. A code of behaviour based on an ethical and philosophical belief
that the needs of the many are more important than the needs of
the few. That generousity is more important than selfishness, and
that 5 weak people, together, are more powerful than a single strong

2. A willingness to use inteligent discourse as the first solution
to problems, rather than the sword.

3. A desire to build a lasting future, rather than just the same old
blue/red idiocy that has plagued the world for as long as I've known.

To do this, we are proposing the institution of a civil government.
Those that want to be a part of it will benefit from it. Those that
don't, won't. Those that oppose it will, as such do, fall by the
wayside in time. While it is true that the concept stems from a
vision by M'lord Tel, it is by no means limited merely to the Passionate.
So if you ask if I'm recruiting for Tel, I say no. I allow my actions
to speak in that regard, and I feel that new adventurers should have
the opportunity to grow without people pressuring them into worship.
What I am doing is outlining the possibility for change, and
asking those brave enough to consider the possibility of something
other than the bloodshed the veldrin clan seems to revel in to take
a risk and try to change things. I'm sorry you can't or won't
see this, but I'm not that surprised. For those who can, I reiterate
that I'm willing to talk about this with anyone whose willing to

Written at 9pm on Zoardryn the 25th, the month of the Deities' Wrath,
in the Guild Hall, by my hand. As always, I remain,.

Keller Amberlin D'Augustine, by the Grace of Tel Duke and Regent of Borea.