Kantor cants, 'hehe TFC shocker! immortals stop CR attempt!! (temporarily'.

Cordir cants, 'AACK! We're SOWWY!!'.

Wunk cants, 'eh?'.

Abe cants, '?'.

Kantor cants, 'immortals were blocking a private room with the corpse I was 
trying to CR :)'.
Kantor cants, 'necrophiliacs! :)'.
Abe cants, 'sheesh they sure are'.

Wunk cants, 'gross'.
Cordir cants, 'ARE NOT!'.

Cordir cants, 'We were making sure Bad People didn't get it. :-('.

Kantor cants, 'why are there no pants on this corpse then?'.

Cordir cants, 'And talking about when Ramza and Abe bad recalled to Black Shrine'.

Abe cants, 'gasp! that's noooooo nasty'.

Ramza cants, 'lets go back!'.

Abe cants, 'We both had pants, tho'.
Cordir cants, 'All I can say is that the corpse was fully clothed when *I* left....'.

Ramza cants, 'yes *nods vehemently*...i had two pairs on in fact'.

Abe cants, 'suuuuuuuuure'.

Kantor cants, '*pat self*'.

Kantor cants, 'well is that newsworthy? I CR'd despite two immortals being 'busy' in 
a private room with the corpse'.

Cordir cants, 'Not if you're gonna insinuate horrid nasty things! :-P'.

Kantor cants, 'I never insinuate'.

Tamar cants, 'I thought he was being pretty blunt about it, myself'.

Kantor cants, 'though its even sicker that you were both there doing what you were 

Cordir cants, 'You are just GROSS!'.

Kantor cants, 'did one watch and the other make sick suggestions? :)'.

Cordir cants, 'You are just GROSS!'.

Kantor cants, 'did one watch and the other make sick suggestions? :)'.

Wunk cants, 'you're just being way too visual on this Kantor'.

Cordir cants, 'LIAR LIAR LIAR! You're horrible! I"m telling Tripper on you!'.

Wunk cants, 'hehe'.

Kantor cants, 'well you can't deny that *whatever* you guys were doing in there 
no one else could get in, right?'.

Cordir cants, 'We were STANDING there, doing absolutely NOTHING but talk about 
the bad recall trip Abe and Ramza took  '.

Cordir cants, 'and you are gross ickky yuckky horrid for saying otherwise'.

Kantor cants, 'oh and i'm sure your fellow necro will say the SAME thing'.

Abe cants, 'Don't drag me into this ugly fetish'.

Wunk cants, 'maybe you got there too quickly?  they didn't have a chance to have 
at it yet'.

Cordir cants, 'Fine. I"m leaving. Good bye.'.