Kaern: An event to celebrate...
Sat Aug 24 02:55:56 2002
To: all
The Guild Hall is back!

what...not excited? You should be!
Let's see, you've got yer Coliseum (pk logs), Ceremonial room (stuff to celebrate),
Recall room (relics of the past, antique happenings), and Blue portal (random
happenings of the relatively present), and even a guided tour!
Sign the guestbook, and I challenge you to give me a link to another TFC page that
I didn't already include in the ceremonial room *grin*

Gracious thank-yous and hugs definitely go to stormreaver.net and its generous
host, Cordir, who has published everything on


You can also link to it from the easier-to-remember www.stormreaver.net , so there's
no excuses for not stoppin' by for a tour, and puttin' an entry in the guestbook :)

If you have old logs, or new logs not posted elsewhere, send them to
pandelic@hotmail.com. TFC chronicles of the lives of those that don't have
web pages or following pages are especially welcome.

See you in the guild hall!