Khore: Golem Wars 3 Announcement
Sun Apr 28 15:13:37 2002
To: All
Golem Wars 3 Quest Announcement

Teams are being formed now. If you wish to participate, send an email
with a completed team roster to

Team roster rules:
1. Evils and Goods Cannot Be On The Same Team
2. At the time of team roster submission, total eff. levels cannot be
. greater than 101.
3. Each following may designate a team as the "official" team. This
. team and this team only is eligible for an item for their god/goddess
. if their golem wins.
4. An official following team may ONLY consist of active members from that
. following.
5. A following may submit as many teams as they wish, but only one may be
. the official team.

At the time of submission, include the following information:

1. Team members, effective level, following/alignment.
2. Whether or not the team is the "official" team.
3. Name for the golem.
4. One of the following elements: blood, rock, fire, water, or ether.

Example submission:

Official Team for the Kindred

JimBob, Kindred 34th level.
JoeBob, Kindred 15th level.
TomBob, Kindred 40th level.

Blood element.
Golem name: The BobGolem


Good Luck