Drizzt: Dark elves. Drow.
Sat Aug 17 12:42:45 2002
To: all

I've noticed, over my many years playing at
TFC, that quite a few players have decided
to make good aligned drow characters. (rp wise)

now, this wouldn't be bad, except you must realize
that 99% of the race, inherently, is EVIL. They
grow up in a society where they are literally bred
to be that way. And let's be honest, how often
can you honestly believe that a drow child is lost?

think about that, before you make a drow character.
I know how hypocritical this must sound, coming from
me, but I assure you..I'm not playing a drow anymore.

Drizzt, Guardian of Nature, Scout of Fate. just a regular Elf.