Neodis: Dancing under the Ashen Moon
Sun Apr 21 18:23:55 2002
To: all
From the distance, the beat, drums are being bashed by over excited
acolytes. The WarDancers are moving once more. They approach the
forest of my world, the brood sits, waiting for this new band of
foolish idealists to march to their death. Hear in our world, our
world of dark ambition and unseen dangers.

They enter the forest, marching to the beat of their drums some do
dance, they think they are on an easy battle that good will prevail
in a land so infused with reality. We watch them; they are heading
for the heart of our land, what they think to be the soul, the life
force. We shake our heads, knowing the truth. We are all about
them; our own black hearts fill the forest beside the path of their
quest. We are unseen. We hold knives.

They shall learn the truth as they dance under the Ashen Moon,
surrounded by the Darkness! I shall look upon their faces, amused
by their shocked expression as they come to realize that they are
surrounded and defeated. Trying to comprehend how their noble war
has come to a sudden and unexpected end.

Kind regards
Full of extra FUN!