Cordir: A Scavenger Hunt
Mon May 27 10:37:33 2002
To: All
It's simple. Be the first one to collect the following objects
and bring them to me in the Room of Records. You must have all
objects in hand - no bringing them in one at a time. All items
will be destroyed upon quest completion. You have 60 minutes to
collect as many items as you possibly can.

the corpse of a butterfly
a chocolate covered croissant
a clove cigarette
a flindbar
A packet of fine green powder
A package of silver powder
Spice of black, aquatic centipede
a pustulous heart
a mourning star
a barrel of beer
a plate of cheese and crackers
an apple basket
some unidentifiable meat
a burgundy potion
a tin of tobacco
a deck of Tarot cards
a whisper thin veil
a cask of Churg's best
a set of pruning shears
a sand dollar
a black orchid