Cordir: The Union of Two Souls
Sat Feb 16 19:08:05 2002
To: All who would share in their joy

.         "There is but one joy in life - to love and be loved"

.             The pleasure of your company is requested 
.               by Lady Cordir and the Chosen of Fate 
.              upon the 10th day of the month of March, 
.               at the hour of 12:00 noon (system time) 
.                           at the union of 
.           Tranquility Rose, Handmaiden to the Lady Weaver
.                                  and 
.        Noctus, Master of the Blades of Fate, Chosen Ordained 
.      as they pledge their oaths and love to one another before 
.                     friends, family, and the Three 

Details: Ceremony to be held in the Temple of the Ebon Hand. 
(Transportation will be provided: please gather in the Storytelling 
Amphitheater 10 minutes prior to the ceremony. Latecomers will not be

Reception to be held after the vows in the Ceremonial Room. 

As with all Triat ceremonies, a certain level of decorum is required. 
Those who have previously displayed poor behaviour will not be 
permitted to attend. Any attendees who break the spirit of this solemn 
gathering will be dealt with harshly. Attendees are asked to disable all 
and any spellcasting, food, or other such triggers to minimize all 

The invitation can be viewed at: