Tokugawa: Contest writing quest
Type: notes
To: All

This quest involves coming up with an idea for a game that can be run
on the spur of the moment as the whim dictates. I want it to have very
little set up time. I am looking for something along the lines of
teleport roulette. It is easy to start, and involves very little preparation.

This is what teleport roulette was like:

Anyone who wanted to particpate would come to the designated room,
say they wanted to play, wait their turn and give Lorna a entrance fee.
The player would guess the zone they would land in and if they landed in it
they would get the total entrance fees that were collected to that time.
They also might have gotten a restring or a prize for winning.

The winning entry will get 5000 experience and a named amulet of their choice
the level not to exceed 25.

You may enter as many ideas as you want, one idea per email.

Entries should be sent in by March 10th.

Contest entries need to be emailed to me at:

Good luck.