Molo: The Black Conclave as a Cult Following
Mon Jun 3 11:20:38 2002
To: all

In January of 1996, the Black Conclave of Nashite was formed and
at that time I had vowed to its members that I would always remain
their immortal until either T.F.C. shut down or the Conclave left.
It has become evident now that the Conclave has indeed left.

Since last December, most of you probably have noticed that the
Conclave has been vanishing from The Final Challenge. I will not go
into their reasons or fault anyone here for the cause, but the
Conclave has been steadily dropping in power since that time. The
majority of its members have deleted themselves or simply moved
on to the Conclave's other realms.

For those of you unaware, all followings are rated by activity and
membership at The Final Challenge with the rankings of: Greater
Power, Intermediate Power, Lesser Power, Demipower and finally
that of Cult Following. For most of the Conclave's rich history,
it has held the status of Greater Power, but times do change.

Today, the Conclave was officially reduced to that of a 'Cult Following'
as I received the automated message at login:

"Your following is dead, aside from an occasional cultist paying lip
service to your memory. Pitiful, seeing a god die from neglect.
Your following is that of a Cult Following.".

Over my seven plus years and my more than 16,500 hours of online
time, I have seen over three dozen immortals and their followings
vanish because of various reasons including immortal boredom,
immortal time constraints and personal frustration. While at times,
I might have suffered some of these 'illnesses', none of these
were reasons to break my vow to my followers...I believe my vow
however has been fulfilled.

On July 3, 2002 (one month after obtaining status as a Cult
Following), I will remove the Conclave from its existence on The
Final Challenge unless some unlikely miracle changes its status.
The Conclave will of course continue its existence in its other realms
and will always consider The Final Challenge as its birth place.

Molo the Arch-Lich
Master of the Black Conclave of Nashite