Kerson: Idea about mobm 'start', etc
Sat Aug 24 09:56:44 2002
To: all
I agree that it's vaguely possible to accidentally start a mobmastery
quest, when all you want to do is to check how many ticks you have left.
Having seen the request for Tynian to spend valuable development time
on this, it occurred to me that it should be easy to achieve in ZMud,
or similar clients, thus:

#ALIAS mobm {#IF (%LEN(%1)=0) {-mobm check} {#IF (%1=start) {-mobm} {-mobm check}}}

NB Replace '-' with the tilde.

To check ticks, just type 'mobm' or 'mobm check'. Only by typing
'mobm start' can you begin a quest.

Kerson, Avenger of Unity.