Tynian: Cleric PK contest: Saturday, October 12th, 8am
Sat Oct 5 18:00:14 2002
To: all
I'm planning on doing a double elimination cleric PK contest. You must be
a cleric in order to sign up. The contest will start at 8am on Saturday,
October 12th. Enrollment are limited. Post a note by Friday at noon to
enroll. Seeding will be determined in part by when you sign up.

This is a friendly contest. As such, I will frown on any action that
detracts from having a friendly competition.


When it is your turn to fight, you will be restricted to the contest
area. If you leave the contest area, you are counted as having
surrendered the match. I will supply an attack justification again
st your opponent, to avoid having PK debt assessed against you. You are
nonetheless responsible for your own debt, justification and PK
classification management. You will have 5 minutes to kill your
opponent. It is to your advantage to kill your opponent prior to time
running out. If time runs out, you and your opponent will fight in a
naturalized room. In this event, the first to die or flee loses. You
may bring any equipment you choose. You may also resupply between
competition times. If you are unavailable when it is your turn to
compete, you will be given 3 minutes, and if you are still unavailable,
you will be credited with a loss.

Restricted actions:

You may steal from an opponent, including weapons. After your match is
over, you must return what you have taken.

Area spells may be used, but will not damage armor class on armor items.
It's possible that bags and other flammables will burn. Avoid taking
flammables with you that you can't afford to lose.

Forbidden actions:

Looting, sacrificing, or otherwise interfering with or disposing of a corpse
other than your own.

Sacrificing any item not your own, with the exception of items that are
given to you.

Outside help during during a contest you are participating in, including
help from Immortals.

Casting darkness.

Casting sanctify.

Casting fear.

Casting teleport on an opponent. You may cast it on yourself, but if you
leave the arena, you will be credited with a loss.

Any strategy that causes your opponent to involuntarily leave the contest

Anything that would fall outside of good sportsmanship. If you have
questions about this, see me.