Angelus: Correcttions to Martyrs: Cleansing, Rebirth, and now a call to arms.
Sat Dec 7 07:43:14 2002
To: all
I'd like to make a few corrections to martyrs note.Feel free to correct my corrections if needed.

1. There is no such thing as Nashism, as
It is written That "The term "Nashite" refers both as the name of the religion and the name of the followers of Lord
2. Many of the great Nashite leaders, simply ceased to exist.
This is just not true! alltough many Nashites are not seen within this realm doesnt not mean they "ceased exist".
More than likely, Lord Nash has seen a need for them in other realms. Who are we to ask where or why?
3. Those who were not truely Nashite left the faith
No "true" Nashite ever leaves the Nashite faith. Check the registry for any who have "left the faith
4.These people were sellouts.
I assume you speak of those who claim to be Nashite, yet know nothing of the faith, and/or fear to be registered as
5. ones who choose to go for an easier road.
AS IF Lord Nash would ever put an easier road in front of you!
6. The nashite faith was almost forgotten...almost disbanded.
Who could ever forget the nashite faith? in this realm or any other!!!
also, check the registry for any who have "disbanded" Yes, Nashite registry!!
7. the Nashite faith has recieved a rebirth.
AS IF it could ever die! ask around, almost non will say they do not know of the Nashite faith!
8. With the formation of the Order of Draoi,
not to bash, but how many Draoi are knowledgeable in the ways of Nashite, or are registered Nashites.
9. Nash will once again rise to power.
You should die a terrible death for all eternity for claiming that Lord Nash had ever fallen from power!!!
10. also came the reformation of the Black Ogre Clan of Nashite.
did they ever un-form or dis-form. Rather, Lord Nash saw them fit to be useful elsewhere within HIS realm out side our

In the name of Lord Nash, Let "this" be a call to arms!!!
In the name of Lord Nash, Let "this" be the Cleansing Period!
in the name of Lord Nash, GO REGISTER!!!

And may an eturnity of pain bestow those who do not use a capital "N" when they type his name or religion!!!

The Little Mage of The Black Conclave
Neodis: Re: Angelus, Corrections to your corrections.
Sat Dec 7 09:47:44 2002
To: all
He's a goat, and he wants to destory you. As you said, you are of
this realm, it is this realm that we are concerned with. Not some
other realm. We honour Lord Tynian, not some nash guy who stumbled
over a scroll.