Martyr: Cleansing, Rebirth, and now a call to arms.
Thu Dec 5 13:28:21 2002
To: all

Once upon a time, not a time so long ago... Nashism was the dominant faith of this Realm.
However; a low point was established in history.
Many of the great Nashite leaders, simply ceased to exist.

Now defenseless...the weak dispursed.
Those who were not truely Nashite left the faith...leaving the few survivors an even greater struggle.

These people were sellouts, ones who choose to go for an easier road, rather than defend the great faith
which had established them so.

This was the Cleansing period.

Time passed and the few remaing were presented with a struggled for survival...
The nashite faith was almost forgotten...almost disbanded.

Since that time, the Nashite faith has recieved a rebirth, and has once again been granted with the strength to stand.
With the formation of the Order of Draoi, and the dedication of those remaining in the Black Conclave, Nash will once again rise to power.
I am writing this note as a call to arms.
With this rebirth, also came the reformation of the Black Ogre Clan of Nashite.

To all ogres whom have obtained the spirit of Nash, Share my own lust of blood, and wish to be part of this
nashite glory...

The Black Ogre Clan of Nashite will accept you.

Martyr, Nashite Harridan of the Black Ogre Clan.