Maimer: Character Separation
Thu Oct 3 09:44:46 2002
To: all
Implement a 2-5 minute pk restriction on anyone logging into the mud.

Many use their character to spy and spread their intelligence to players
that are not online or to another character of their own. Over
the years this is a wide spread phenomena that always collects in cliques
of people that either live together, live in the same town, or have
formed out-of-game relationships through instant-messenger, emails, or phone.
This is a tool that all of the best pk groups have utilized, and given
the opportunity they will always resort to these tactics with no regard
to fair play or morals.

Character separation has always been put into a bad light mostly through
social pressure. As the years have passed and more people that skirt the
rules get by, the more this practice is accepted. Taking care of
selfish people that have no regard for character separation is the first defense
against keeping those same people from pushing the rules further and cheating
when they have reason enough to believe that they can get away with it.

Character separation is a very gray issue, and almost impossible to devise
a fool-proof plan against. The big issues thou are out-of-game pk knowledge
and those that repop equipment from one character to the next. Those should
be taken care of. In addition there should be some policy that exerts some
immortal pressure on those selfish people who have no regard for the game.