Cordir: Cat and Mouse: Final Rules Draft
Sun Sep 29 14:39:29 2002

Concept: The individual named MOUSE avoids the Cats!
A list of Mice is collected at the beginning of the game. Any player
on the mud can be a Cat.

How to Play:
* The Mouse gets a thirty second head start.
* The Mouse MAY NOT stay in Solitary / Private / Lockable / Safe rooms.
* The Zone or Room name of the Mouse will be announced by the sponsoring
. Immortal of that game, as often as possible, at minimum every 30 seconds.
* The Mouse is considered 'found' and 'tagged' when a Cat engages them in
combat, initiates emoted or socialed contact, Faerie Fogs, or area spells,
etc. That Cat then becomes the next Mouse, and gets a 30 second lead
to escape and be chased.

How to Win:
* Mice that escape being tagged for 10 minutes move to a sudden death round.
. Sudden Death: All eligible Mice meet in a single zone. Anyone who leaves
. the zone is disqualified. Anyone 'tagged' by another Sudden Death mouse
. is disqualified. Last Mouse standing, wins.
* If only one Mouse escaped for 10 minutes, they win.

* Obscure, Invis, Sneak, Hide are all legal by Cats or Mice.
* Summon, Darkness, Portal, Teleport are NOT legal.
* Participants MAY NOT wizard mark one another.
* Immortals MAY NOT teleport or otherwise assist Cats or Mice with hunting
. or hiding, but if a PK breaks out, they may back their follower.
* Mice may not lock themselves into rooms or zones to avoid capture.
* The safety of the Mouse is not guaranteed, or that of the Cats. All
. individuals participate at their own risk.

* Any Cat or Mouse that violates a rule is ejected from the game.

Prizes: There will be a reward for the Mouse who is most successful at
eluding the Cats for the stated duration of the quest, or who wins the
Sudden Death round.