Bliss: Results of Bliss Poll 2002 - Part 1
Wed Mar 6 11:32:27 2002
To: all

Here are the results of my fabulously annoying Poll:

What mob do you most fear?

12% - The Master of Magic and/or the Lady
10% - the Tempest, dragons
7% - Bortizeth, Scriem
5% - None, big spiders, Scairz
2% or less - "Anything I haven't seen yet," "Anything that rifts," "Any mage mob,"
Slue, Astaldo, Borlan, Loth Mage Guildmaster, the Magistrate, Woronins, Orog Guards,
Ladislaw (!), Woronins, Ebencaleneezer, Capt. Niall, the Dreammaster, the . (a dot!),
"any mob that cons death," and ducks (guess who said ducks!)

What person do you most fear?

22% - No one
9% - Myself
4% - Khore, Madman, the Lich, Torchbearer, Maldobar, Stouthbound,
Silonch, Belsambar (ok what is this about?!)
2% or less - Tynian, Bliss, Cordir, Mordith, Craige, Qithlorien, Tylorn, Dalaran,
Tirant, Bop (?!), Gregar, Mofona, Ephiny, Sober, Tranquility, Apollyon, "big invis people"

Conclusion: Not enough fear!

Who fears you the most?

41% - No one , and 1 vict..voter (Dalaran) says, "I'm a lover, not a fighter"
9% - Garland
7% - Everyone fears me!
5% - Men
2% or less - Cordir, Torchbearer, Aster, Tirant, Wish, Bubba, Zakarious, Maldobar,
Gabriel, Jet, Tomato, Ptarchyzk, Triston, Noctus, Lexie, "little girls in Midgaard,"
"anyone that exps with me."

Conclusion: Not enough fear!
(cont. Part 2)
Bliss: Results of Bliss Poll 2002 - Part 2
Wed Mar 6 11:51:28 2002
To: all

What race would you like to see exterminated?

30% - Elves
18% - Dwarves
14% - Giants
9% - Gnomes, None (one vict..voter [Dalaran] says, "I'm not into genocide")
7% - Aara birdies
5% - Half-ogres, Humans
2% or less - Minotaurs, Orcs

Conclusion: Elves and dwarves hate each other, and Dalaran lies!

What item would you like to see added or returned to TFC?

10% - enchantable oaken staff, huge morningstar
8% - better enchant scrolls
6% - Madman
4% - blue scroll, waist axe, amulet of Nydia, no damage cap, old exp code,
faster transport for newbies to continents
2% or less - Slue's axe wieldable, Xmas simple rings, golden brooch, rolling pins,
gauntlets of ogre power, 2x broadaxe, Badge of Honor, random earrings, Amulet of Familiarity,
random damage wwp, baldrics that make weapon ND, pretty clothes (!), beastly fido,
butterscotch (heck no), held and wwp randoms, lodestone, more magic leather sleeves,
enchantable whisper thin rapier, blood red stone, thongs (!), and
"an enchanted nodrop blunt weapon that can only be wielded by gnomes whose names start with N".

Conclusion: People don't listen when I say "item", and MORE DAMAGE!

Who is the most adorable, awesome Evil Demigoddess who is NOT retired and whose name
does not start with K, T, or anything but B?

100% - Bliss!!!

Thanks to all who participated in the Poll :)
More to uh..hide if you can :O