Jet gossips (in common), 'gratz!!!!!!!1'.
Grimace gossips (in common), 'Grats Athorne!'.
Tolven gossips (in common), 'GRATZ'.
Tassadar gossips (in common), 'gratz athorne :)'.
Blacky gossips (in elven), 'GRATS ATHORNE!!!!'.

Wunk gossips (in common), 'gratz'.

Kaori gossips (in common), 'congratulations athorne!'.
Bridget gossips (in common), 'yeahhhhhhhhhhhh athorne'.

Saruman gossips (in common), 'HAIL'.

Tamar gossips, 'Congrats, Athorne!'.
Ihsahn gossips (in common), 'Congratz!'.

Someone gossips, 'cONGRATS aTHORNE!!!'.

Mnaramenth gossips (in common), 'Gratz Athorne!'.
Oswald gossips (in common), 'GRATS '.
Wardrof gossips (in common), 'GRATS ATHORNE!!!'.
Tokugawa gossips, 'Congratulations Athorne'.
Serge gossips (in common), 'CONGRADULATIONS ATHORNE BATTLE HAMMER!!!!'.
Sahelr gossips (in elven), 'gratz Athorne'.
Silvestri gossips (in common), 'grats!'.
Someone gossips, 'Thank you, *bow*'.

Mikey gossips (in common), 'GRATS'.

It is 5pm on Zoardryn the 15th, the month of the Fool's Errand,
in the year 2533.

TFC started up at Thu May 16 07:57:44 2002
The system time is Sun May 19 13:25:07 2002

27 players.
Hum [ Wa:24 Ma:23 Th:20 ] Alex Lin, Jabbuk Faeruk d'lil Veldrin.
Hum [ Th:15 Wa:30 Cl:30 ] Jet Starvo, Hitman of Coven.
Hum [       Ra: 7       ] Odin Amikiir The Hunter of Wisdom
Elf [      Goddess      ] Tamar, mistress of her own dreams
Elf [    Ma:23 Ra:20    ] Grimace Lieutenant of the LTP {TIGER}
Ogr [    Sh:20 Wa:17    ] Serge: Soldier of the SOB, Zealot of the -Tigers-
Hel [    Cl:21 Th:20    ] Kaori Caprice Salemonte, Darkling Pilferer
Gno [       Cl:24       ] Saruman Blackheart III, Blue-White Dragon of Fate.
Elf [ Th:14 Wa:14 Ma:15 ] Ihsahn, Seeker of Fate.
Hum [    Wa:28 Cl:30    ] Bridget STOP licking me i get rusty armor *P* =Wisdom
Hlf [    Wa:20 Cl:21    ] Wardrof, Warric Apprentice of the Tigers
Elf [    Wa: 1 Cl:15    ] Mnaramenth Vidrion: New Age magnetic elf of Fate *Elean*
Elf [    Cl:24 Ra:20    ] Tolven, Child of the Ashen Moon
Hel [       Ra:10       ] Frethy the Half-Elf
Elf [    Cl:25 Ra:25    ] Valence, Jabbuk Elg'selvatar d'lil Veldrin.
Gno [    Wa:19 Cl:20    ] Mikey Sacred Keeper of the 10% *tiger*
Aar [ Wa:11 Sh:13 Th:12 ] Wunk the Shamthiefior.
Hel [    Cl:16 Wa:15    ] Oswald Is now a Tiger-Striped Cleric
Hum [       Sh:12       ] Silvestri and the Fearless Flying Frog Brigade.
Elf [    Ra:23 Cl:30    ] Tassadar, High Templar of *Wisdom* {CoE} {QM}
Elf [ Ra:30 Cl:30 Th:30 ] Maimer, Preacher for the Sinful - Tiger
Dwa [     Ambassador    ] Tiax TFC newest newbie aid. Do ask! *R*
Hum [    Greater God    ] Tokugawa.
Elf [    Cl:20 Wa:15    ] Blacky Noir, L'Elf    -La Pacte des Loups-    [Coven
Dwa [ Wa:30 Th:30 Cl:30 ] Mordith, Malevolent Cardinal of the Black Conclave
Dwa [    Implementor    ] Tynian.
Aar [       Th: 5       ] Sahelr the Aarakocran

and later...
who athorne
1 player.
Dwa [      Demigod      ] Athorne, The Hammer of Righteousness.