Armalag: Lexie's Questions... And Answers!
Wed Jun 19 04:18:27 2002
To: Lexie Tamar all
After talking with Tamar and deciding if we should reveal the previous inner workings
of the following, it was decided that I, her former ordained, should answer your questions.
I hope it helps your curiosity.

1. Actually I wrote that love letter to Tamar, although at the time I was fighting
a pair of succubus so it might have got a bit more steamy than intended.
2. Um, that's not a tongue-depressor.
3. Tamar loves sundaes, she plows through the ice cream and the toppings, but no
she never eats the bananna.
4. Let's just say my ordain ceremony was a bit diffrent than most.
5. That's actually a funny story, our temple got infested with gnomes so we
had to gather an army of pitchfork wielding kobolds to chase them out. Great Fun!
6. Well... You see Legolas was.... er nevermind ask him for this story
I'm certainly not telling it.

Armalag Blackflame, Juggernaut!