Cordir: An Accord between Dancers and Fate
Tue Aug 13 14:52:39 2002
To: All

An agreement was reached between Solanthas and Cordir.
Its particulars are as follows:

Anathema status will be lifted from the Dancers as a whole.
Individual past Anathema, will not be affected. (Zahar, etc)
Enemy status will be lifted from the Chosen as a whole.

Individual responsibility is the key of this Agreement.

Dancers are forbidden to hunt individual Chosen, or make them
the primary target for attack when assaulting a group.

If a Dancer attacks a group that includes a Chosen:
IF the Dancer dies, that is their responsibility and choice.
If the Chosen dies in the course of the Dancer attacking their
target, the Chosen's corpse will be returned.
IF the Target dies (evil group member), then whomeever grabs
the corpse, gets it.

FJUST will NOT be utilized on attacks on Chosen Groups, so long
as death did not occour, without corpse return intact or reparation.
PERSONAL justification may be used by the individuals involved.

Any conflicts should be reported to Cordir / Solanthas with a
log attached, for their resolution. It is understood that no
accord can cover every possible instance. This is intended to
lay groundwork and intent to work for peace and communication.
Changes may occour in the future that cannot be forseen, but
will be discussed by both immortals and their councellors.