the whole group

Tranquility "officially smirking"
on the phone with Belsambar

Ptarchyzk thinking of getting out the
world's largest bottle opener

Tianna caught in a moment of stillness
Foolkiller & Tripper discussing
the life of an immortal

Jah, Nyx, FK, Cordir & Syla
engaged in mud talk, what else?

Gaul relaxing and taking it all in
Tokugawa & Marisa
and Taylor
Syla asking "Who are those kids out on the porch?"
(She later apologizes, saying she didn't mean to call them kids,
but thought the sliding door was shut.)

and the "kids" out on the porch:

Tirant and his alter ego (or is it the other way around?)

Majere (who made Tianna want to play checkers)
Kain (back from swinging off the tree)
And some mug shots...
How much you want to bet Syla didn't see the duck?