Tynian: Tuesday's events, part 1
Thu Oct 25 14:39:12 2001
To: all
Now that I have had a night's sleep and some time to calm down, I am ready
to outline what happened yesterday. I have typically avoided detailed
explanations to administrative events; however, I have found that in the
absence of the complete story, people are more than willing to take what
pieces they know, and draw any number of conclusions.


I noticed Lexie in one of the drow areas yesterday. She attacked one of
the mobs, but had to recall, because it was too much for her. I saw an
opportunity for adventure. She sought help at the guild, and dispatched
the mob. I sent a slightly bigger drow to avenge the previous drow's
death. Eventually, Myrrhine came a-calling. After she was defeated,
Lexie proclaimed in a fit of exuberance that they could essentially defeat
any mob sent their way.

I accepted her challenge.

She was left a way out. All she had to do was recant what she had said,
and surrender. She started gathering a group. I warned her and everyone
else that she was gathering that they did not want to fight that mob -
frequently. I wielded a giant spatula, to scrape up the remains of slain
mortals. I made it unequivocally clear that the mob was dangerous.
Remarkably, people were taking the hint. But, just as Lexie was about to
give up, Mael came along, full of confidence, and convinced various others
that the drow Avatar of Lloth was going down.

Tynian: Tuesday's events, part 2
Thu Oct 25 14:39:14 2001
To: all
(PART 2)

Maldobar showed up. I assumed that his presence would discourage the
pursuit of the Avatar's corpse. Not so. Mael and Maldobar talked.
Maldobar thus gave his word that he would not interfere with the combat;
however, should people die, he would not hesitate to grab corpses.

Prudence would have suggested that the risk was too great; however, Mael
and his group were not to be deterred. They came up with a plan to defeat
the Avatar.

Things did not go well. It was decided that the first order of business
was to dispel the Avatar's sanctuary. Lexie ran out, got hit by the
Avatar, Mael jumped in, and Lexie fled. Luck frowned upon Mael. The
Avatar naturalized Mael's silence, and rifted him. Mael died, and as
promised, Maldobar grabbed the corpse.

Let's stop here a moment. Why didn't I order Maldobar to give Mael his
corpse back right then? The reason is simple. Mael and the others in his
group knew the potential consequences of fighting the Avatar. Maldobar
made it clear that he would not interfere in the combat, but would grab
corpses. You don't get to click the cosmic "UNDO" button, because you
took a risk, spun the wheel, and lost... rarely are the risks so clearly
spelled out for you. Mael and the other members of the group are smart
players. They did the math, and decided to move forward.

Is what Maldobar did rotten, particularly given the circumstances? Well,
yes. But, he was true to his word. But I'm jumping ahead of the story.

Tynian: Tuesday's events, part 3
Thu Oct 25 14:39:15 2001
To: all
(PART 3)

Mael negotiated with Maldobar for the return of his corpse, appealing to
Maldobar as a player, and pointing out the unusual circumstances. I
listened in on things a bit, decided that Maldobar was toying with Mael,
but that there was a fair chance that the corpse would eventually be

I turned my attention to some of the other members of the Avatar-slaying
group. Several were unhappy because the Avatar/its abilities/the whole
'quest' was "unfair." I reminded them of my many warnings. I reminded
them that all of them, including Lexie, could have chosen not to
participate. I believe those that I talked to understood.

I lost track of a few details around now. I was visible, and things were
pretty chaotic, mud-wide. So, I will discuss the threads that I was
actually involved in.

Cordir showed up, and wanted to know if I told her followers not to fight
the Avatar, so she knew whether to discipline her followers for disobeying
a godly "order." I told her that her followers were fine, and to leave
them alone about the combat.

Negotiations broke down between Mael and Maldobar, when Maldobar decided
to keep the corpse. I indicated on gossip that I was disappointed to have
heard that. I was still hoping that Maldobar would give back the corpse,
but it was becoming clear that probably wasn't going to happen.

Tynian: Tuesday's events, part 4
Thu Oct 25 14:40:27 2001
To: all
(PART 4)

Mael knew the risks, and went forward anyway. I was very impressed with
him, however. I decided to help him out some, because, hey, his actions
were not the "safe" thing to do, and was not a particularly "wise" course
of action (one might even use the word "insane"), but he displayed the
confidence and bearing that I had not recognized in a mortal in quite some
time. It obviously did not matter what the challenge was, Mael would have
taken it on. I had not decided what specific aid I would provide. I told
him to re-equip, and then see me.

In the meantime, Cordir apparently decided that if Mael wasn't going to
get his corpse back, she was going to send equipment to Mael, who follows
Bliss. An Immortal giving equipment to members of another following,
directly or indirectly, is a violation of the rules. But that action, in
and of itself, is _not_ what brought retirement to her doorstep, contrary
to popular belief. When Tokugawa questioned her on her actions, Cordir's
responses were flippant, and it was clear that she knew that what she was
doing was wrong, and that she was going to do it anyway. Cordir does not
get to choose which rules she will follow, and decide which rules she will
simply ignore when the mood suits her. There are 4 god+'s, including
myself, to monitor the actions of the other Immortals. I need to be able
to trust that those rules are being followed, even when we don't happen to
be watching. The whole "I'm going to do what I'm going to do, and you can
take a flying leap" attitude that was emanating from Cordir last night was
not acceptable.

Tynian: Tuesday's events, part 5
Thu Oct 25 14:40:28 2001
To: all
(PART 5)

On a related note, being an Immortal on TFC is a job. It is hopefully a
mostly fun job, but it also has obligations. I depend on them to police
the game, and help keep it fun. Being an Immortal does not mean that
there aren't disagreements. It does mean that at the end of the day, we
put things into perspective, and try to improve the playing experience. I
expect the Immortals to work with me, not against me. I do not believe
that this is an unreasonable expectation.

I am disappointed and frustrated. I am disappointed that yesterday went
from a fun time and people working together against a common foe, to an
aggravating, stressful time, dealing with stolen corpses, upset mortals,
and a goddess who decided that she was above the rules. I am frustrated
at being put in the position of having to retire Cordir, and from my
concern that any assistance I provide Mael at this point will be viewed as
something that I am doing from public pressure.

But you know what? That's not going to stop me. I'm still going to help
Mael out, because I am impressed by his nerves and daring. He reminded me
of something that I think has been lost over time.

Decide to stay, or decide to go, but decide because you've heard the full
story, and have evaluated it on its merits. As for me, I am still
committed to growing the player base. And, I'm still going to try to take
the time to do little fun things, like yesterday's adventure was before
things got nasty. Yesterday was a set-back. There are upset players, and
I'm down one very solid and active role-playing following -- not what I
would call a positive day.

(PART 6)


The outlined events occured two days ago now. I delayed the posting for a
day to see if anything else developed, but things stand much as they did
on Tusday.