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The immortal staff

TFC has a system of immortals. These immortals come in two flavors: the Implementors who have set the MUD up and do the majority of the work necessary to keep it up and running, and the rest of the immortals. (Those who gained their position by working their way up from newbie, to the top of the mortal classes, through a quest of MUD knowledge, and finally through training as an immortal once they have been accepted for immortality.) These immortals assist in running the MUD, and some lead followings of aligned mortal characters. Please note that all Immortals at TFC are to be respected, if not for their personality, for their position.

The Implementor crafts the world itself, giving shape to the rules, races, lands, classes, spells, and skills that define the MUD.

The Greater Gods & Greater Goddesses typically have increased responsibilities above and beyond that of Gods, including area management and installation, game programming fixes and new features, and/or oversight of the online environment, policies, and enforcement, as assigned by the Implementor(s).

The Gods & Goddesses run quests and oversee quest prizes for quests run by other immortals, conduct investigations and resolve policy and rules issues, investigate game bugs, and otherwise help to insure an enjoyable playing environment. The Implementor, Greater Gods and Gods are sometimes referred to as "the god+ staff".

Immortals with the rank of Demigod & Demigoddess or Lesser God & Lesser Goddess are allowed to have followers who they help in a variety of ways, and from whom they require obedience to the "tenets" of their following and alignment. They are also called following level immortals, or FLI's, and they may be assisted in leading their following by an immortal of the rank Attendant. The Lesser Gods & Lesser Goddesses are the highest level of immortals permitted followers.

The Attendants are immortals-in-training who have already spent a period of time as an Ambassador. Attendants are apprenticed to a Demis or Lessers to learn the skills required to lead a following.

The Ambassadors are new immortals-in-training, recently receiving the mantle of immortality and seeking to learn and master it, as well as focusing on assisting new players with learning the game. To find out if there is an Ambassador present who can help you, type WHO. This will list all VISIBLE players present. If you see someone with the class information of [Ambassador] , then give them a TELL and ask for help.

There also a class of immortals who are Retired. These immortals have, for one reason or another, given up the responsibilities of their followings and position to be observers. They come by to visit from time to time, but they no longer take an active part in the day to day business of the game.

View the current and historical immortal pantheons.

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