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The 1997 Dutch GT

The location is "The Efteling" again, the place where it all began.

Damien and Faith travelling to the Efteling, in the train southwards.

The first group arriving at the parking lot, with Kalten on the right.

And now we all just have to wait for the others to arrive.

Damien and Saruman (who doesn't remember the evil Blackheart Brothers?) making fun of Mr Sock.

Everyone has arrived at the entrance of the park. Kalten tries to get inside without paying by using his best dog imitation.

We're welcomed by the Mickey Mouse of the Netherlands, Pardoes. Lizzy and Saruman have the honour to shake his hand.

Some prefer to have breakfast before starting the day, but should that really be with Monsieur Cannibale?

Nikodemus going back to his childhood.

And Damien following his example.

Saruman pondering whether he'll join the others in the rollercoaster or not (with Robert standing in the background).

Faith and Damien fighting over the best seats in the rollercoaster.

Lunchtime! Kalten (l), Saruman (r) and Gytar in the background.

Gytar being brave in the underground rollercoaster "Rok".

Wonder who this will win, the evil Blackhearts or Ivory's D1.


Photos used with permission and copyrighted by their respective owners.

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