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The 2000 Dutch GT

Efteling 2000

For the sixth consecutive year the Dutch GT brought us to themepark "The Efteling" once again. Never before have this many (ex-)TFC players and their partners showed up: 19! It was also the first time we had a special guest appearance from abroad, our own Unity bird Duvel! Several among us have taken pictures during the day and some of them can be seen below.

Duvel, his hat and his girlfriend

Lizzy, her friend, Duvel and his
girlfriend in "Carnival Festival"

Robert and Grishmo, in front of the "Pagoda",
peer into the sun

Gytar (l) and Grishmo (r)

Robert (l), Gytar, Grishmo and
Kalten's girlfriend (r)

Riella (l), Garvax, JW's girlfriend
and JohnWho (r)

Group photo, only Kalten and his girlfriend missing

Taking a break.

Many more 2000 Dutch GT pictures are available on the Unity webpage.

Photos used with permission and copyrighted by their respective owners.

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