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Dot-me maps

Nearly 100 TFC players from around the world have given their locations (sometimes general, sometimes specific) for this map. To see the locations and number of players in each location, scroll down and then put your mouse over the red dots. Continents with players are shown in alphabetical order (Africa, Australia/New Zealand, Europe, North America). If you would like your location added here, email Marisa at Only one submission per PLAYER (not per character).

Johannesburg, South Africa (2 players)

Perth, Australia (2 players) Invercargil, South Island of New Zealand (1 player)

Dublin, Ireland (1 player) Rota, Spain (1 player) London, UK (1 player) Patras, Greece (2 players) Sweden (1 player) The Hague, Netherlands (2 players) and Rotterdam, Netherlands (1 player) 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands (3 players) Leiden, Netherlands (1 player) Leeuwarden, Friesland, Netherlands (2 players)

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (1 player) Calgary, Alberta, Canada (1 player) Nova Scotia, Canada (3 players) Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario, Canada (1 player) Gibsons, British Columbia, Canada (1 player) Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada (1 player) Ottawa, Ontario,Canada (1 player) Alabama, US (1 player) Orlanda, Florida, US (1 player) Virginia, US (1 player) Vermont, US (2 players) Rhode Island, US (1 player) Arlington, Texas, US (1 player) Austin, Texas, US (1 player) Dallas, Texas, US (1 player) Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US (1 player) Eau Claire, Wisconsin, US (2 players) Appleton, Wisconsin, US (1 player) Meadville, Pennsylvania, US (1 player) Western New York, US (3 players) Long Island, New York, US (1 player) Various towns, upstate New York, US (4 players) Oregon, US (5 players) New Jersey, US (1 player) Chicago, Illinois, US (4 players) Tulsa, Oklahoma, US (2 players) Oklahoma, US (2 players) Powerdersville, South Carolina, US (1 player) Kirksville, Missouri, US (2 players) Longmont, Colorado, US (1 player) Columbia, Missouri, US (1 player) Missouri, US (1 player) very north Michigian, US (1 player) Michigan, US (1 player) Cincinnati, Ohio, US (6 players) Southern California, US (4 players) Newport Beach, California, US (1 player) Newport, California, US (1 player) Glendale, California, US (1 player) San Diego, California, US (2 players) the White Mountains, Arizona, US (1 player) Phoenix, Arizona, US (5 players) Tempe, Arizona, US (4 players) Tucson, Arizona, US (3 players) Seattle, Washington, US (2 players) Boston, Massachusets, US (2 players)

Original line art map images courtesy of Graphic Maps and World Atlas.

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