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A Coven Thank You

With an ashen moon overhead, the tide's ebb calls unto the Coven.
The moons of a distant realm beckon us to join them, and so it is time.

To our allies, the Chosen of Fate and the Dark, you have stood by
our side for many years, through peace and turmoil, ever steadfast and true. You have our eternal gratitude and allegiance. You have our respect.

To our Implementor, you have done, and continue to do, an outstanding
job. We appreciate all of your hard work and effort, and thank you
for allowing the Coven to make its home here for so many years.

To the Gods, we thank you for your hardwork as well, helping to
make TFC the best realm ever. There is no equal.

To our friends, thank you for standing by our side, offering support
and aid when needed. We will never forget you.

To our enemies, thank you for the battles and the hunts, whether
it was we who were the targets or the pursuers. We appreciate
your sportsmanship, and admire those of you that perservered
and remained true to your faith and ideals.

To all in the realm, best of luck in your endeavors, and have fun!

Bliss and the Coven of the Ashen Moon