Our Ladies Farewell:

My Goodbyes

I'll miss you Tynian, and all the times you made me laugh, although I think
sometimes you didn't mean to be funny :O You know I'll keep pestering you in the afterlife.

I'll miss you Khore, because ... well ... you're Khore, and will always have
a place in my heart ... and neck. *ziploc*

I'll miss you Tokugawa and Tamar, and all the times I annoyed you to no
end. I know you'll miss me and my stubborness too!

I'll miss you, my Immortal friends and allies, Cordir, Kerriariadne, Majere,
and Vorax. You've always been there for me, and I've loved our chats, spanning what...4 years?! And no, I still can't cook, so stop giving me recipes.

I'll miss you, my former Attendants, Clue, Kim, Zarous, Triston, Whitehawk,
and Rhina, and all the horror and shock you experienced on ftell. Thank you for putting up with us and being such good sports icon_smile.gif

More Goodbyes

I'll miss you Mael, you have always been a superb leader within the Coven;
you have my utmost respect and admiration. And, thanks for adding "har"
to Coven vocabulary icon_razz.gif

I'll miss you Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup (aka Vex, Zip, and Lins),
my three wonderful Ordaineds, allowing me to torment you with title
changes so many times. Vex, my Inquisitor, you've been a rock, standing
by me over the years, no matter my whim. You've grown so much and I'm
so very proud to retire with you as my last Ordained. Zip, my Enchantress,
you worked so hard as a single mage getting to level 30 ordained - I'm so
proud of your accomplishments! You'll always be my little Witchling.
Lins, Lins, Lins... Guardian, Dullahan, SuperGnome, I'm proud that you were
my Ordained even if you drove me insane sometimes icon_razz.gif I'll miss you and your adventures... remember your bright idea to clear masters, leaving me with 1 mana, dead bodies everywhere, and you still stuck in the room with the Master of Magic and the Lady?!

I'll miss you Judge and Novis, the last of my Ordaineds before the OM change. I'm so proud of both of you and your accomplishments, although I know you hated the expnext and my nagging to level icon_razz.gif "exp!" And, thanks for keeping me sane icon_smile.gif

I'll miss you, my bratpack of Elders, Alucard, Azeworai, Merkderk, Rubicant,
Tiberius, Uriel, Zeks. You shocked the hell out of ftell, freaked me out, and had some of the best battles and adventures the realm has known. Don't let Tiberius sing any songs, or Azeworai point you to any websites....

I'll miss you, my newest Elders, Mylk and Straezan, always the gentelecow and gentleman. I'm proud of you both, not just for your accomplishments but for being such calming influences, except when Mylk messed with people's info triggers icon_razz.gif

Ok, Even More Goodbyes!

I'll miss you, though I can't possibly name you all for fear of being lynched by the Note Gods, here's a few: Arianas, Abirandad, Agralebean, Azuroth, Blasphemy, Darkclaw, Dax, Dingbat, Doc, Ecnelis, Erian, Goor, Guartwog, Gunner, Heere, Humphrey, Ire, Izual, Kaagor, Kaltar, Kemian, Kollen, Lestat, Lucretia, Nicholai, Pendrell, Phantasm, Rand, Sabella, Sakyra, Saroth, Striker, Sylt, Trell, Xixxo, and Zaku. Each and every one of you is special to me. Good luck in your futures, I will be watching proudly from afar.

I'll miss you, my Darkling adoptees, you have been so strong with the departure of Kerriariadne. Even though my time has come, too soon for you I know, you all have a place in my heart. The Booga and I have faith that you will continue to thrive.

To Neodis, thanks for working so hard on the Coven website and graphs and pictures. You put your heart and soul into this following and even if some people *cough* Dax got annoyed, you still will be missed by me.

I wish you all the best, stay true to your ideals, but most of all have fun!


Our Ladies declaration and goodbye of and to the Coven can be found in the news section of this site.

The Coven is a closed society of spell casters striving to unlock the dark secrets of power yet unknown. Her members enjoy their privacy but often work together to achieve their goals. United only in their devotion to their Mistress, Lady Bliss, the followers are evil in heart and often in deed. It does not bother a Covener how their goals are met, just as long as they are.

The Coven mostly deals exclusively with itself. However on rare occasion you will here of an alliance struck. Friends of the Coven enjoy a powerful ally and often the secrets they have pulled from the unwilling grasp of mystery. However it is wise to avoid those who have attempted to harm or oppose the Coven. A hex is laid upon those who would get in the way of Mistress Bliss' Coven an' those whom they love, a hex is not an easy thing to get rid of.